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What is an App?
‘App’ is simply an abbreviation of the word Application. An App is a piece of software that can run on your smart phone or tablet, similar to software you may run on your PC or Mac.


Will my logo be on the App?

Yes, not only will your logo appear on your app along with your brand colouring, but your logo will be the icon used to get in to the app so it's always on the background of your clients phones as a subliminal reminder

Can all phones/tablets use the tax app?
No, not all phones can have/use apps.  Most of the newer phones can use apps, these include Iphones, the newer Blackberry's, Windows phones and phones that use Android.  Our apps are currently available on the Iphone, Ipad and Android platforms.

Can I link to videos from my App?

Yes. As long as your video is available on the internet and is in a popular format the app can link to the video.

How long before my Apps go live?
Normally it takes around 3-4 weeks from your order for your app to appear on the app stores.  A large chunk of this time is out of our hands waiting for approval from the app stores.

How can I market the App?

      The app stores use keywords to enable your app to be found (much like your website).  We populate your keyword and description when we post the app to the app store for you to make sure your app can be found.  We also have close links to marketing companies that are able to help you maximise your app visability from a none app search perspective

Does the app work on windows mobile phones?         
No. At this moment in time the windows phone isn't as big in the UK as other providers so we currently do not have an app for this type of phone, however, we continuously monitor the market and should their be a sudden increase in market share we will consider creating an windows mobile app.

What happens if I decide not to renew the subscription?
We hope you decide that the app is an invaluable tool for you and your clients but should you wish not to renew the subscription all that happens is your app is not updated with enhancements or legislation updates.  Your app will still work however the information will be out of date and the ability to download it will be removed.

I have another question.

If you have any other question please email and we'd be happy to answer.




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